Big Brother has been listening to our private conversations for a long time. Sure, things really got ramped after 9/11, but the powers that be have always monitored our communications. Even back in the day of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, the English Crown was monitoring the postal system via the GPO and checking out possible subversives like Shelley. These days, everyone is getting into the surveillance game, with private interests bugging their staff and competitors. International entities like China and Russia are big on bugging, as is the US and the European players on the world stage. Every nation is doing it and most companies are at it too. How to market privacy measures in the 21C is, almost, a no-brainer really.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil…

Pointing out the obvious to a market that prefers to turn a deaf ear and blind eye is a particular skill. People do not want to believe that their privacy has been shafted. Most folks want to go about their business, without recourse to the hard questions. It is only when the individual or company involved has been bitten that they choose to take action. Something about that old chestnut of the, “horse already having bolted” comes to mind. Surveillance is a part of the business model for many people and groups around the world. The analogy that comes to me is of the residents of a small town who pride themselves on not locking their doors.

Your Privacy May Be Being Breached

Please click here to see an example of a modern business marketing privacy measures in Australia in 2019. Educating the market is a large part of the marketing process for anti-surveillance firms and their like. Helping people realise the true state of play, without resorting to paranoia, is important. Bugging can be instigated at institutional levels, corporate levels and personal levels. Your privacy may be being breached on any or all of these levels in 2019. The world is full of eavesdroppers in the 21C, it seems. Information is everything, apparently, even, if, it is accessed illegally.

Anonymous Low Lifes are Out There

The internet has created millions of portals for trolls and other low lifes to listen at the door. The modern age is full of gutless and anonymous (I hesitate to call them people) folk, who prey upon the naïve good will of others. Think about bombs and how cowardly the act of placing an explosive device is. Technology like this is embraced by cowards.