The education of our children is a business steeped in tradition and an industry that is being challenged by technological advances. Schools and education departments have been great resisters of change over decades and centuries. The existing model is, often, grounded in religious and cultural beliefs and customs. It is our schools and training that actively keep things the same within our societies. So, it is no surprise that those who work within that system, see themselves as the keepers of our great traditions. Now, however, with digital technology breaking down doors left, right and centre, there is nowhere left to run for the educators of old.

Brave New World or Lagging Behind?

The marketing of new education models in the 21C, has entered a critical phase, if we are to move forward into a brave new world or to lag behind like the, proverbial, dunce in the corner of the classroom. Classrooms themselves are rapidly becoming obsolete, with virtual groupings bringing students together online and offering greater immediacy and functionality. Schools have been tacit child-minding facilities for the last couple of centuries and technological opportunities are challenging many of the old assumptions about what education actually is. Our old bricks and mortar schools are not equipped to meet the technological opportunities currently available. The people running the education departments are, also, more obsolete than conversant with the new education models of the 21C.

Out with the Old & In with the New

Much of the talk at schools around the nation are spin, with little real action being taken to embrace revolutionary change. The old school have been paying lip-service to the new ideas emerging, without initiating any real change. There are amazing new concepts and educational models emerging but the system lacks visionary leadership. The education system has been gathering dust for hundreds of years, it is hard to see it buck that shuffling approach willingly. Click here for more to see an example of a new education concept in action in Sydney.

Communication & Courage Called for to Enact Change

It will be the marketing of new education models in the 21C, which will see them replacing the outdated time-wasting stuff currently served up in secondary schools around the country. It will take great communication and courage to shake out the dead wood. A system which has proudly stood still on the basis of upholding tradition is now challenged to embrace comprehensive change. Send in the new guard and out with the old world.