The Changing Face of the Legal Profession Down Under

The legal profession has, for much of its existence, proudly displayed its archaic origins in dress and manner. The law saw its tradition bound nature as a strength in a flim flam world. These days, however, it is out with the old and in with the new, with the digital revolution transforming industries across the board. This has proved a challenge for the legal sector, especially in relation to how they market their services in the 21C. Previously, the legal profession was bound by laws preventing the promotion of their services in the wider media. The arrival of the internet and world wide web has seen those conditions fall by the way side. Today, the lawyers are on TV, on radio and their shingles are electronically displayed all over the internet.

Compensation Lawyers Flying the Flag

Compensation lawyers used to be referred to as ambulance chasers. I will leave it up to your own powers of deduction to work that one out. The compensation law sector is, probably, the most aggressive marketer of services within the legal industry. They need to reach out into the community to find those individuals and groups who have been hard done by in a litigious sense. The American way has permeated the Australian market in terms of suing those who are responsible for accidents and transgressions. Workers compensation, public liability, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence and total and permanent disability – are all on the compensation menu in 2019.

The Modern Compensation Law Firm

See here for yourself a good example of a modern compensation law firm in Adelaide. Their online presence is clear and potentially rewarding for those seeking legal redress. It is an example of the changing face of the legal profession Down Under. No more archaic jargon and talking down to the client. Rather, it is all about no-obligation consultations and helpful professional advice. The law and its representatives have entered the 21C to the acclaim of Australians everywhere.

Transformation is Currently Underway

The legal profession used to be an exclusive and secretive club. It was once a boy’s club, but no longer, as plenty of women have entered the business. These changes are symbolic of the many changes currently transforming a formerly moribund industry. The world, as we all know, is rapidly changing everyday via technological proddings from every side. There is no avoiding these changes and they can happen painlessly or painfully; the choice is up to the industry.


Six Tips for Improving Your Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is an ever expanding and high growth sector in 2019. There are numerous and diverse facets within this industry. People, especially in the west, are more aware of their health and wellbeing than ever before. Corporations are taking greater care of their employees via the monitoring of their health and wellbeing. It is an exciting time to be operating in the healthcare sector.  Of course, it is, also, a highly competitive area to be trading in. With success, generally, comes greater levels of competition. There are larger players in the market than ever before.  Here are six tips for improving your healthcare marketing.

Talk to the Professionals

Firstly, go and see a professional digital marketing expert. It pays to get the best advice early on, so that you avoid making costly mistakes. Listening to someone who has actual real-life experience and expertise in 21C marketing is a highly valuable strategy. Consult with a couple of marketing experts if you are concerned about their self-interest overshadowing the right advice for your situation. Take notes and research what they are telling you, so that you can get up to speed on it.

Pay Per View Advertising Makes Sense

When establishing a new business or brand it pays to advertise. Pay per view advertising with Facebook and Google is a smart first up strategy. Again, get advice from experts in this field to maximise your return on investment. You need to understand what you are selling before you can market it.  Analyse what your competitors are doing and, in particular, their marketing campaigns. Look at what works around you, before reinventing the wheel.

Organic SEO Delivers the Most Cost-Effective Results

Establish an SEO strategy for your healthcare service and brand. Work with an agency that understands the healthcare business for best results. Organic SEO will deliver the most cost-effective marketing over time, so invest in it wisely. How about this online example in the Sydney healthcare market?

Social Media Offers Multiple Benefits

Social media is digital PR and an opportunity to interact with your market audience for community building and market research. You can waste an enormous amount of time on social media and it is advisable to consult with a realistic professional, rather than an enthusiast. Social media does offer multiple benefits and is worth pursuing.  It demands regular input and updating to be effective. Daily or weekly postings and prompt responses are vital for its success. Engage with your clients and potential clients to deliver community building outcomes.


How to Market Privacy Measures

Big Brother has been listening to our private conversations for a long time. Sure, things really got ramped after 9/11, but the powers that be have always monitored our communications. Even back in the day of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, the English Crown was monitoring the postal system via the GPO and checking out possible subversives like Shelley. These days, everyone is getting into the surveillance game, with private interests bugging their staff and competitors. International entities like China and Russia are big on bugging, as is the US and the European players on the world stage. Every nation is doing it and most companies are at it too. How to market privacy measures in the 21C is, almost, a no-brainer really.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil…

Pointing out the obvious to a market that prefers to turn a deaf ear and blind eye is a particular skill. People do not want to believe that their privacy has been shafted. Most folks want to go about their business, without recourse to the hard questions. It is only when the individual or company involved has been bitten that they choose to take action. Something about that old chestnut of the, “horse already having bolted” comes to mind. Surveillance is a part of the business model for many people and groups around the world. The analogy that comes to me is of the residents of a small town who pride themselves on not locking their doors.

Your Privacy May Be Being Breached

Please click here to see an example of a modern business marketing privacy measures in Australia in 2019. Educating the market is a large part of the marketing process for anti-surveillance firms and their like. Helping people realise the true state of play, without resorting to paranoia, is important. Bugging can be instigated at institutional levels, corporate levels and personal levels. Your privacy may be being breached on any or all of these levels in 2019. The world is full of eavesdroppers in the 21C, it seems. Information is everything, apparently, even, if, it is accessed illegally.

Anonymous Low Lifes are Out There

The internet has created millions of portals for trolls and other low lifes to listen at the door. The modern age is full of gutless and anonymous (I hesitate to call them people) folk, who prey upon the naïve good will of others. Think about bombs and how cowardly the act of placing an explosive device is. Technology like this is embraced by cowards.

Polishing Teeth in the 21C: A Wealth Creation Business

The dentistry business around the globe is no longer, merely, an oral healthcare activity, it is a part of the rapidly growing aesthetic medicine sector. Polishing teeth in the 21C is a wealth creation business. White teeth are, now, a prerequisite for most Australians, and the dentist is the most effective place to achieve this desired state of oral hygiene and appearance. Dental clinics are, therefore, challenged to meet the demand for this service by ensuring that their marketing reaches the target market. Showing up on searches for ‘white teeth’ and ‘polishing teeth’ is essential for dental centres in this business.

Dental Care Not Covered by Medicare in Australia

People are going to dentists for corrective work to be done on their teeth, in addition to getting fillings. Some Australians are travelling overseas to get a better deal on their dental work, as dental care is not covered by our universal health insurance scheme Medicare. Going to the dentist is, generally, an expensive business for consumers. Dental technology and devices are costly, both for dentists and their clients.  Dental healthcare is a vital cog in the health and wellbeing wheel, which makes its omission from Medicare a strange anomaly in this writer’s view.

Dentists Providing a Sophisticated Service in the 21C

Check out this boutique dental clinic, as an example of a 21C dental business.  The variety of services provided by dentists like this, puts this business into quite a sophisticated service industry category. Polishing teeth in the 21C is a wealth creation business for those in the business. Search marketing is an integral element in the marketing paradigm for healthcare businesses in today’s world. As consumers search on their phones and other devices for teeth whitening and dental work in their desired geographic location, dental clinics need to show up to be in the game.

Marketing Budget Allocations

The high level of investment required by dentists in infrastructure and training, means that effective marketing is a must. Healthcare businesses, generally, establish an annual campaign budget to maintain their SEM and other forms of advertising and marketing. Getting the balance right is an important factor in the overall scheme of things. As the print media continues to die off, with just a few local newspapers left to service geographical regions, the bulk of the budget needs to be allocated to SEO and Facebook/Google advertising.

Why Market Security in 2019?

Why would you market security, particularly, in 2019? The zeitgeist of the day demands it, in this writer’s view. Insecurity has never been higher, since WW2, with the digital age bringing down bricks and mortar walls all over the place. The internet and computers have changed the way we do business and we are facing increasing challenges on this basis. We still want our property to remain safe and secure, even, if, they are now more binary codes than locked up in bank vaults. Encryption is paramount to many sectors and industries in the 21C. Keeping codes secret and safe is the name of the main game in 2019. This means that marketing opportunities for those in the security business have never been more apparent.

Most People Do Not Grasp the Workings of the Digital Era

The majority of human beings on the planet do not understand the digital era and how it all works. This means that there is a great deal of insecurity underpinning the domestic and business sectors. People are unsure about how safe and secure their assets and investments are. The shift to a virtual world leaves many, especially, older folk feeling perturbed about their valuables. I predict that businesses directly or indirectly involved in security will flourish and rocket sky high in the coming months and years.

Security is Fate Becoming Big Business

Click here to see for yourself an old-fashioned locksmith that has expanded into new security and is marketing its business accordingly. Security is rapidly becoming big business and you need to get aboard if you are going all the way. The market is expanding because more people want to feel safe in an increasingly unsafe world. The market does not understand exactly what the dangers are but they want to feel protected from them just the same.

Protecting Information & Assets

The freedoms promised and delivered by the internet have come with a cost for those who want their information and assets locked up and protected. Some could question the idealism that underpinned the scientists who invented this technology. The world wide web brings everyone closer together and the wealthy elites may not appreciate rubbing virtual shoulders with the poor and dispossessed. Life is a sea of human beings in all sorts of situations and not all of them are welcome members of the country club. Security measures are in demand to keep the undesirables out and away from the assets of those who own them.

Marketing a Franchised Business

Every type of business presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for marketing. The franchised business has a set of its own particular elements, which must be addressed in any kind of marketing campaign if it is to be effective. Franchises, of course, benefit from greater visibility in the marketplace, due to their multiplicity in various geographic locations and, they usually have a centralised marketing budget for the group itself. Of course, new branches and individual branches of the franchise may be involved in their own marketing in their neck of the woods.

Search Marketing a Must for Franchises

Marketing a franchised business in the modern era is very much about Search Marketing. SEM can target the people in a particular geographic location via things like Facebook and Google ads. SEO can ensure that the correct keywords are utilised to get results from organic searches by potential customers. Whatever kind of franchised business it is, getting the digital marketing up to speed is essential, if the business wants to survive and thrive. 21C people are always complaining of being time poor in an increasingly busy and crowded world. Businesses must make themselves available to the market by showing up in searches easily and prominently.

Kitchen Renovation Franchise Businesses Thriving

Here is an example of a successful franchised business in Sydney. This umbrella kitchen renovation group provides franchise opportunities for cabinetmakers in varying geographical locations all around Australia. The franchisor can advertise the service and franchise opportunities via online marketing and through other media channels. SEM is the most cost effective of all the available means of marketing these kinds of businesses. There has been a kitchen renovation boom in Australia over the last two decades and businesses like this are thriving in the current economic climate.

Effective Marketing Essential

Real estate and the housing industry in Australia are the bedrock of the domestic economy in this country. People have more money invested in their homes than anything else. Industries and businesses which are involved in servicing these sectors are pretty much assured of opportunities. This is why effective marketing is essential if these operators are to get their fair share of the pie. Running a good business involves reaching the market and presenting potential clients with a sound proposition for utilising their services. The renovation boom will continue, despite falling housing prices, because many homeowners will choose to upgrade their existing homes instead of buying a new home.

Marketing New Education Models in the 21C

The education of our children is a business steeped in tradition and an industry that is being challenged by technological advances. Schools and education departments have been great resisters of change over decades and centuries. The existing model is, often, grounded in religious and cultural beliefs and customs. It is our schools and training that actively keep things the same within our societies. So, it is no surprise that those who work within that system, see themselves as the keepers of our great traditions. Now, however, with digital technology breaking down doors left, right and centre, there is nowhere left to run for the educators of old.

Brave New World or Lagging Behind?

The marketing of new education models in the 21C, has entered a critical phase, if we are to move forward into a brave new world or to lag behind like the, proverbial, dunce in the corner of the classroom. Classrooms themselves are rapidly becoming obsolete, with virtual groupings bringing students together online and offering greater immediacy and functionality. Schools have been tacit child-minding facilities for the last couple of centuries and technological opportunities are challenging many of the old assumptions about what education actually is. Our old bricks and mortar schools are not equipped to meet the technological opportunities currently available. The people running the education departments are, also, more obsolete than conversant with the new education models of the 21C.

Out with the Old & In with the New

Much of the talk at schools around the nation are spin, with little real action being taken to embrace revolutionary change. The old school have been paying lip-service to the new ideas emerging, without initiating any real change. There are amazing new concepts and educational models emerging but the system lacks visionary leadership. The education system has been gathering dust for hundreds of years, it is hard to see it buck that shuffling approach willingly. Click here for more to see an example of a new education concept in action in Sydney.

Communication & Courage Called for to Enact Change

It will be the marketing of new education models in the 21C, which will see them replacing the outdated time-wasting stuff currently served up in secondary schools around the country. It will take great communication and courage to shake out the dead wood. A system which has proudly stood still on the basis of upholding tradition is now challenged to embrace comprehensive change. Send in the new guard and out with the old world.


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