The dentistry business around the globe is no longer, merely, an oral healthcare activity, it is a part of the rapidly growing aesthetic medicine sector. Polishing teeth in the 21C is a wealth creation business. White teeth are, now, a prerequisite for most Australians, and the dentist is the most effective place to achieve this desired state of oral hygiene and appearance. Dental clinics are, therefore, challenged to meet the demand for this service by ensuring that their marketing reaches the target market. Showing up on searches for ‘white teeth’ and ‘polishing teeth’ is essential for dental centres in this business.

Dental Care Not Covered by Medicare in Australia

People are going to dentists for corrective work to be done on their teeth, in addition to getting fillings. Some Australians are travelling overseas to get a better deal on their dental work, as dental care is not covered by our universal health insurance scheme Medicare. Going to the dentist is, generally, an expensive business for consumers. Dental technology and devices are costly, both for dentists and their clients.  Dental healthcare is a vital cog in the health and wellbeing wheel, which makes its omission from Medicare a strange anomaly in this writer’s view.

Dentists Providing a Sophisticated Service in the 21C

Check out this boutique dental clinic, as an example of a 21C dental business.  The variety of services provided by dentists like this, puts this business into quite a sophisticated service industry category. Polishing teeth in the 21C is a wealth creation business for those in the business. Search marketing is an integral element in the marketing paradigm for healthcare businesses in today’s world. As consumers search on their phones and other devices for teeth whitening and dental work in their desired geographic location, dental clinics need to show up to be in the game.

Marketing Budget Allocations

The high level of investment required by dentists in infrastructure and training, means that effective marketing is a must. Healthcare businesses, generally, establish an annual campaign budget to maintain their SEM and other forms of advertising and marketing. Getting the balance right is an important factor in the overall scheme of things. As the print media continues to die off, with just a few local newspapers left to service geographical regions, the bulk of the budget needs to be allocated to SEO and Facebook/Google advertising.